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Working Together to Strengthen the State of Hoosier Health Care

A recent Forbes report compared all 50 states and Washington, DC, in terms of health care affordability by analyzing nine key metrics across the overall health care ecosystem and ranked Indiana as #24 in the nation – the middle of the pack.


While Indiana is far from the bottom of this list, its middle-of-the-road ranking serves as a pointed reminder that the status quo is no longer acceptable, and there is more work to be done to improve access to and affordability of care for Hoosiers.  

Enter the Indiana Business Health Collaborative (IBHC), a unique partnership between Hoosier employers, the health care industry, and other stakeholders interested in working together to strengthen the state of health care in Indiana through market-based, patient-centered solutions.

We recognize that this is no small feat. But ultimately, it will take collaboration between all stakeholders to drive better health outcomes for our state. We hope that you will join our efforts by signing up below.  

Interested in Learning More?

The IBHC is a partnership between Hoosier business leaders, innovators, economic development organizations, health care industry stakeholders, insurance industry stakeholders, educators, and other members of Indiana’s diverse economy who are committed to working together to lower the cost of care in Indiana without jeopardizing quality or access to the critical services Hoosiers rely on. Together, we will work toward solutions that are rooted in our five focus areas:

1. Data and Policy Analysis

Because good data is critical to policy discussions, the IBHC will support and encourage the responsible and unbiased use of data in policy analyses related to Indiana’s health care costs, utilization, health outcomes, and more.

4. Cost Transparency and Barriers to Competition

The IBHC will identify ways to promote price and cost transparency at all levels of the health care system and identify amongst our members ways that competition can be encouraged across the industry.

2. Identifying and Scaling Best Practices

The IBHC intends to be a learning organization in which good ideas and best practices are shared and scaled as rapidly as possible to reduce the cost of care and improve the health of Hoosiers. Successful initiatives could be scaled to the regional or even state level, and the IBHC through its members, can play a role in helping advocate on behalf of such programs.

5. The Indiana Health Care Workforce

Indiana faces shortages in virtually every clinical profession, from physicians to medical assistants. The IBHC will serve as a tireless advocate for the need to expand Indiana’s clinical workforce. Our members will develop a range of proposals to increase the health care workforce talent pool.

3. Rural and Urban Health Outcomes

Hoosiers in rural and urban communities share common issues and challenges related to health care. The IBHC plans to consider proposals to improve access and outcomes in rural and urban communities.

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