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Indiana Business Health Collaborative


The Indiana Business Health Collaborative (IBHC) is an innovative partnership between Hoosier employers and health care industry stakeholders who are committed to working together to lower the cost of care in Indiana without jeopardizing quality or access to the critical services that Hoosiers rely on. Through the IBHC, members help accelerate market solutions that will reduce costs, maintain a healthy workforce, and strengthen Indiana’s economic competitiveness.

Our Mission

A statewide coalition of employers, economic development groups, local chambers of commerce, and health care industry stakeholders, the IBHC partners to:

  • Achieve cost savings through market-based strategies such as direct-to-employer partnerships and tailored insurance solutions

  • Improve health care quality through patient-centered, outcome-focused care models

  • Maintain a healthy workforce

  • Strengthen Indiana’s economic competitiveness and ability to attract/retain talent

  • Advocate for effective change in health care



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Luke Messer

Chief Executive

The Indiana Business Health Collaborative is led by former U.S. Representative Luke Messer, who serves as Chief Executive. Having spent much of his professional career working to advance policies geared towards promoting a robust and competitive business climate in the state of Indiana, Luke is uniquely qualified to represent our members and their objectives.

Luke served three terms in the U.S. House, representing Indiana’s Sixth Congressional District from 2013 to 2019. He was the chairman of the Republican Policy Committee for four years where he led hearings on Conservative Clean Energy Agenda, Women in the 21st Century Workforce, Law Enforcement, and the American Worker. He served on the House Committees on Financial Services, Education and the Workforce, Budget, and Foreign Affairs.

As an elected official, Luke was well-known for his ability to build bipartisan coalitions among his colleagues to solve complex problems. He developed this important skill set while serving in the Indiana House of Representatives from 2003 to 2006 when he represented House District 57.

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