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Indiana Business Health Collaborative

Partnership That Drives Innovation

IBHC At a Glance

The Indiana Business Health Collaborative (IBHC) is a unique partnership between Hoosier employers and health care industry stakeholders. 

We also encourage all members to support the IBHC’s guiding principles as a blueprint for developing comprehensive solutions to address cost, access, and quality of care in Indiana:


It will take collaboration between all stakeholders to drive better health outcomes for our state. The IBHC will work in partnership to develop and promote market-based solutions for enhancing health care affordability, quality, and access across Indiana.


In addition to being a quality-of-life issue, Indiana’s health care outcomes are an important economic driver for our state. Improving Indiana’s outcomes will strengthen our economic competitiveness and ability to attract and retain a talented workforce by maintaining a healthy employee base.



Heath care policy is complicated, and missteps in reform could have dramatic impacts for individual Hoosiers and our state. To that end, the IBHC will work to inform employers, policymakers, regulators, and patients about the unique challenges that are presented by the state’s health care landscape.


Sustainable health care is a long-term commitment involving a broad range of stakeholders. There are no silver-bullet solutions, but the most enduring solutions are patient-centered, outcome-focused, and market-based.


The status quo is unacceptable. The IBHC will focus on meaningful, results-driven solutions to reduce costs and improve outcomes, while avoiding efforts to pit industry stakeholders against each other.


Our Members

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